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These motherfuckers judging a fucking "mensalão (mensalão means the act of corruption in which a large sum of money is transferred regularly and illegally to favor certain interests.'s Derived from the word" tuition ", which suggests that it is augmentative one large sum.

The term first appeared in 2005, after the complaint of an alleged scheme payments in the amount of $ 30,000 that were made monthly to encourage MPs to party political interests.

The word has become part of everyday popular due to frequent use by the Brazilian media during the investigation of the case.

Following the incident that became known as "Scandal of Mensalão" acts of corruption schemes based on the same genre came to be known as "monthly allowance".
Scandal of Mensalão

Was Deputy Roberto Jefferson (PTB-RJ) in 2005 first used the term "monthly allowance" to denounce the corruption scheme between Members.

At that time, the President of Brazil because it was Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), who denied knowing any practice mensalão. Some of the main accused belonged to his party, the Workers' Party.

Those involved were accused of crimes such as bribery, conspiracy, money laundering, mismanagement, embezzlement and tax evasion, especially politicians: José Dirceu (former minister of the Casa Civil), Delubio Soares (former treasurer PT), José Genoino (former president of the PT).

Marcos Valerio, the mining entrepreneur in the area of ​​advertising had no political office, but was accused of creating and managing all operations of the monthly allowance.

In the course of investigations, all those who were accused of participating in the scheme have denied any involvement.

The day August 2, 2012 was an important date on the political scene and Brazilian judiciary as the trial began of the 38 defendants involved in mensalão. It is considered the most important judgment of the Supreme Court (Supremo Tribunal Federal)), are a bunch of ego that (I'm sure), after reaching its decisions in the Supreme, take a shower and then masturbate in front of the mirror. Wake up, people, football, novel and Carnival are blinding you!!

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