terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012


                  Today I think I dreamed a very sweet girl who died some time ago ... I liked her. I really liked her ... Is that when we dream, really "works" as if colocásssemos files that we will not use more in "dustbin of our computer brain"? Or is there any significance? I miss ...
There is also another girl who has gone ... And another also (!). One treated very badly for a long time, because of my immaturity. I came to apologize, but I'm sure that was not enough. For me at least, was not. I do not accept ...
The other is not respected, not respect your body, your being. Unlike my attitudes with the person I quoted above, how well I took care of this and tried to help!
Ana Paula, did not go to his funeral and burial because it had long promised myself that never, until the rest of my life bitter, put (or put) my feet and eyes anywhere where I can face (or face?) with the image "live" from my loved ones dead, lying motionless and helpless, in a casket or any other type of procedure funeral. I'd rather stay with my memories of everyone alive and happy. Paula, I came to love.
Luciane, while you are still alive, the last few times I saw you, I worked hard to show you the most sincere regret and apologize for all the ridiculous, stupid, immature actions that I undertook on his person. You apologized to me, but I never stop to think that I did not have (and never will) enough forgiveness for the evils that caused you, because of my total lack of emotional control during adolescence and, indeed, in almost all my life. No wonder you could perhaps even having died, continuing to be suffering in any form, without respite, without rest ... It would be unfair, meaningless ...
Solange, I'm sure not your fault that you have taken for life. passates and thousands of hard days of loneliness, deprivation and injustice in your moral. Reagistes as your humble wisdom. I pray you are at peace.
I pray to God that you are at peace in His goodness endless ... Would you like to be with you.


Fabio Azevedo.

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