terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

The Studio Hybrid comes to invite:

A meeting with Printers
Nelcindo Rose, Rogerio Lopes da Rosa (Free Workshop)
Chimendes and Paulinho (Museum of Work).

These professional printmaking and graphic arts, performing
function for more than three decades.
We will have the presence of other printers and recorders, we
besides paying homage, also bring the possibility of
dialogue, to learn more about the history and curiosities of this
essential function of printmaking.

Will display two videos made ​​by Marcelo Monteiro also recorder,
they also had the collaboration of artist Claudia Sperb. where can
see these professionals in action, and hear testimony through part of
their trajectories.

The printers will show part of your holdings in printmaking, numerous
artists from different times, which worked with these decades.
Some prints will be on sale.
(does not work with card)

Annex of this email vai two stretches of films shown and the invitation.
We hope your presence.
It is an event open to the general public.
With free entry.

studio Hybrid
Rua General Vasco Alves, 361 - Historic Centre of Porto Alegre
(51) 99 72 98 72




The service:

"Speaking of Impressions"

A meeting with Printers
Nelcindo Rose, Rogério Lopes da Rosa and Paulinho Chimendes.

Show the collection of prints from printers to marketing.

Release of the videos produced by visual artist Marcelo Monteiro, and also with the collaboration of artist Claudia Sperb.

In the Studio Hybrid (Rua General Vasco Alves 361 - Historic Centre of Porto Alegre)

Day September 5

the 19h

Free admission.


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