quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

Firmness, total, over one year goingThank God we're here live healthy?Many community in the hood, pocket moneyWithout misery, and is nóis ...Let's toast the dayThat tomorrow belongs to God alone, life is loka.Let me speak, pocê,Everything, everything, everything goes, everything is step brotherSoon let's break the big world,Cord elite, 18K,Poe on the wrist, Breitling logo,How about? okay?Bausch & Lomb magnifying glass, Bombeta white wine,Champagne in the air, which is to open our ways,Poor is the devil, I hate to boast,Laugh, laugh no more discredits not.It's just a matter of time, the end of suffering,A toast pros warrior, joe polvinho I regret,Worms that just makes weight on earth.Shoot Zoio.Shoot Zoio, see if I err,I sleep ready for warAnd I was not so, I hate,And I know it's bad for me,Make it so,Vida loka cabulosa,The smell of gunpowder is,And I prefer roses.And I and I ... that ...Always wanted a place,Lawn and clean, so green as the sea,White picket fences, a rubber with scale,Disbicando kite, surrounded by children ...How ... how BrownWake up good blood,Here is round Capon, truNo pokemon,South is the contrary, stress is concentrated,A broken heart, per square meter ...The more time I will resist,Worst I've ever seen my good side in U.T.I,My angel of forgiveness was good,But it's weak,Guilty of unclean spirit opaque.I wanted to, to test and see,A pouch, with glory, fame,Wrapped in packageIf this is what you want CEIS,Come and get it.Play in a river of shit and view multiple jump,Money is tough,In the hand of slums, is grinding Guela,In the crisis, several stone crumbles 90.I'm playing to win,My money, comes and goes,But who has, has,Do not grow the Zoio anyone,What has to be,It will be mine,'re Written in the stars,Will complain to God.Imagine nóis Audi,Or Citroen,Going here, going there,Only pam,Back and forth,In Capon, the clearance, grandfather necklace,In the quarry of St. Benedict,At the precipice, at top,Friday.Sunroof,The moon representsListening Cassiano,Ha.The gambe not GUENTA.Most if not,Nêgo,What hasThe important thing is we are here,Next year,The path,Happiness still exists,It is a narrow,Amid the jungle sad.The ce pays,To see your mother nowAnd never see your chit,Leave,Give the house, gives the carA glock and a false,Climb blind kneeOne thousand and one hundred steps.Hot is a thousand degreeWhat the warrior said,The prosecutor is only one man,God is the judge.While Joe Polvinho,Stoned the cross,And the bastard, uniform,He spat on Jesus.Oh ..At 45 seconds of the repentantSaved and forgiven,Dimas is the thief.Loko is the thing,Shudders at the timeOhDimas, the first loka life history.I say.Glory ... Glory ...I know that God is here.And just who isJust who is going to feel.And my warrior of faith,I want to hear .... I want to hear ...And my warrior of faith,I want to hear ... brother ...We are programmed to die,Right ... right ... it is believed that in der ...FirmnessIt's not about luxury,It's not about color,Question that is plenty,It claims the sufferer.It's not about prizes, I denyThe idea is that,Misery brings sadness, and vice versa,Unconsciously,Come in my whole mind,a tennis shop,The look of the partner happy,You can buy,The blue, red,The counter, the mirrorThe stock, the model.No matter,Money is a bitch,And opens the door,mount the sand castle anyone.Black and moneyThese words are rivalsIt isSo these shows to ass,How do you do.His funeral was dramatic,As an old blues,But he had style,Forgive me, an outlaw.Time to think,Want to stop,What tha 'what?Living like a little king,Or much like a Joe?Sometimes I think,That all black like meJust want a piece of land in the bushOnly her.No luxury, barefoot, swimming in a creek,No hunger,Picking the fruit in the bunch.There trout, is what I think,I alsoBut in Sao PauloGod is a score of 100,Vidaloka!

"Because the warrior of faith never freezes,Do not like the unjust, and not yellow,The King of kings, was betrayed and bled on this earth,But as a dying man is the prize of war,But Oh, andAs is, if accurate, drowns in his own blood, so willOur spirit is immortal, blood of my blood,Among the cut of the sword and the perfume of the rose,No honors, no massage. "Life is loka NiggaAnd I'm passing it.In the first Dimas.Health warrior!Dimas ... Dimas ... Dimas ...


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