terça-feira, 6 de março de 2012

My Place
Arlindo Cruz

My place
Ogun's path and Iansã
There have samba till morning
A swing on each floor

My place
It is surrounded by struggle and sweat
Hope for a better world
And beer to celebrate

My place
It has its myths and Beings of Light
It is very close to Osvaldo Cruz,
Cascadura, Vaz Lobo and Irajá

My place
You smile is peace and pleasure
Your name is sweet to say
Madureiraaa, there there laia, Madureiraaa, there there laia

Ahhh what a place
Nostalgia reminds me
The love that I had there
It's hard to forget

sweet place
What is eternal in my heart
And the poets inspiration behind
To sing and write

Oh my place
Who has not seen Aunt Eulalia dancing
Grandma Mary blessed the yard
And still have the game in the moonlight

Oh what a place
We have a thousand things to say
The hard part is knowing finish
Madureiraaa, there there laia, Madureiraaa, there there laia, Madureiraaa

On every corner a pagoda in a bar
in Madureiraaa
Portela Empire and there are also
in Madureiraaa
And you can buy Mercadão
For a bargain you will lead
A Dengo, a dream for those who want to dream
in Madureiraaa
And who qualifies can get up
Has game canvas, rustic and billiards
Hole, Swedish pro time pass
in Madureiraaa
And I can even make a leap of faith
In group hundred and ten thousand
7 by side I'll surround
in Madureiraaa
And lalalaiala ilk would la la ...
in Madureiraaa

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